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Can you play archive1 to 5 without going back to menu inbetween levels? (Archived)evzzz26/16/2011
What is purification? (Archived)FenDieselLives26/16/2011
Is the Replay value "legit" or tacked on? (Archived)Atomic_Porkchop86/16/2011
Stage 4 - Passion: Boss problem (Archived)OMGMrTea36/16/2011
Destined for bargain bin (Archived)dyl1000106/16/2011
so little people using controller? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Pirate Wez196/16/2011
Question about this game (Archived)aya469106/16/2011
My only gripe with this game. (Archived)Faris69Hilton26/16/2011
Is this addictive? (Archived)chasingmaynard26/16/2011
I don't understand why CoE is considered a "spiritual successor" to Rez (Archived)Doraku_Fieru106/16/2011
Question about Lumi's Garden / rewards (Archived)
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Honest opinion about playing this with standard controller (Archived)Becko106/16/2011
Let's get 'em... Let's get 'em... (Possible Spoilers) (Archived)NTF_Madara16/16/2011
OMG I thought extra vibration would be stupid but... (Archived)chairmandrek1486/16/2011
I must know the names of the songs. (Archived)A Lower Class Brat56/16/2011
How do you rapid fire on the Kinect? (Archived)Doraku_Fieru56/16/2011
is there an official soundtrack planned? (Archived)para_medic46/16/2011
My complaint with the change to first-person view (Archived)davebrit266/16/2011
Child of Eden Livestream running now!!! (Archived)Djones428316/15/2011
Do I need a Kinect to get 100%? (Archived)Nikolai_Krane36/15/2011
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