How much space am I gonna need to play this?

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6 years ago#1
I can move back up to about 6 feet which is fine, but width-wise, I only have about 4ish feet.

Is that enough room to bust a move with this thing? There's no way I can re-arrange my setup, so if it won't work, I guess I won't be pickin up a Kinect. Dance Central is the ONLY reason I want one.....LOVE DDR, but the ability to learn and pull off actual dance moves is just gonna be sick!
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6 years ago#2
I can't speak for dance central, but for the kinect adventures, I need to be about 8ft from the tv and have about 6-8ft around me as well.
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6 years ago#3
Sweet mother......well, I guess that puts an end to that.
I REALLY wanted to pick up Dance Central, but there's just no possible way to organize my room to where I would get that much space.

Awesome :-/
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6 years ago#4
I've seen a couple youtube videos where people were playing with limited space.

The fact is that you can cheat at a good number of the moves.

There are a lot of moves where you have to move or jump side to side. It's possible to do many of them in one spot. So as long as you have enough distance, the width isn't quite as important.

4 feet of side to side should be perfectly fine for most of the moves...You just have to center yourself so you don't drift off and hit the wall or something when you do something a bit aggressive.

Imagine you are in a packed club, but you want to bust some moves. You can't go all out, but you can do them as long as you are careful.

By the way, if you love DDR, maybe look into DanceMasters? Some people were saying it's really good, but it's not getting any press in the US at all. I don't know if that needs more or less space.

Dance Central is totally worth it.
6 years ago#5
Can you link me to some of those videos? I failed at locating them :-/

If I can see how much space they're able to make work, maybe I can get a better assessment of whether or not I can do this.
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6 years ago#6
Found a great video for you.

It's a big guy playing DC. There is a circle painted on the ground and he stays within the boundaries the entire song.

He's playing Poison at hard difficulty and he's totally half-assing a lot of the moves, but it gives you a great idea of how much room you need.
6 years ago#7

Just to be on the safe side, I really would recommend that you find a way to borrow the Kinect unit from someone before buying it. Or buy it from a store with a good return policy.

The disc in the box (adventures) comes with a DC demo and has a couple songs. If you can play them, you can play all of them.
6 years ago#8

From: Ard0r | #007
The disc in the box (adventures) comes with a DC demo and has a couple songs. If you can play them, you can play all of them.

where is this demo?? I don't seem to have it
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6 years ago#9
Reviewers have repeatedly stated you will need at least 7 feet to play this game. Anything below that, and the kinect sensor won't be able to see your full body.

But just remember, if you have six feet of space available from your t.v to your couch, installing the kinect t.v mount on top of the t.v will add about an extra foot to your play space. That was the case I was in, and luckily, installing kinect on top of my t.v gave just enough space for me to play kinect.
6 years ago#10
I need around 6' to 7' from the TV (reportedly less if it's at the top of the set), but the side-to-side space isn't half of what's required on Kinect Adventures. You'll just need enough to comfortably move without knocking a bunch of crap over.
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