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6 years ago#1
so here is my story I play soccer and run often but I havent been able to cuz it's been raining so I do my work out at home just jumping with a jump rope and stuff but it gets boring ,can't go to the gym cuz is so far and I don't have a car right now. Do you think I'll get a good work out with kinect in 1 to 2 hrs a day!? i'm thinking on buying it and dance central to get a good work out but I'm still not sure.
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6 years ago#2
It really depends on how you move/dance. Some moves in Dance Central are very tiring, however, it is less tiring if you "cheat" on the moves, or that you are simply moving instead of "dancing".

For example, if a move requires arm waving, some people stand still and wave their arms, while other people bounce their whole body while waving their arms.

You seem to already have a fit body (soccer and running), so if you only do minimal of each move, this game may not be as tiring as you have hoped. However, if you treat this as a "dancing" game, this can make you pretty sweaty.

I have Fitness Evolved and Dance Central, and both of the games gives me enough work out every day.
6 years ago#3
It depends on your fitness level, but for most people, I think it's the best workout game. It's a lot more fun and engaging than any of the 'exercise' games. I can play DC for far longer and have fun doing it.

What's nice is that I control the pace. If I want it hard, I just play a series of hard songs at hard difficulty. If I need a break, I ease down to the easier songs and difficulties.

I recommend doing searches on youtube for hard songs on dance central and see what the dances look like. Maybe even try it.
6 years ago#4
thanks dudes. oh and I forgot to mention I'm a terrible dancer I really suck do you think this game helps you loosen up a bit? like make you less stiff?

Another question what about other games like adventures do they give you a nice work out? I'm just looking for something small that can make me sweat and do cardio and kinect seems promising.
"One owes respect to the living, to the dead one wes only truth"J.O'BARR-THE CROW
6 years ago#5
Playing this game could definitely help you loosen up. There are a lot of real dance moves in this game, after all.

I find that for a lot of people who can't dance, their problem is a lack of experience, not ability. They think they can't dance, so they don't even try.

Anyways, Bear makes a good point. If you try to do every move as it supposed to be done, it makes a huge difference in difficulty.

I saw a youtube video of a guy scoring pretty well on a hard song...a big guy. He was totally cheating on a lot of the moves. He barely even looked like he was dancing. That's no good.

Adventures can also give you a pretty good workout. I personally find the game rather boring, though. It's more for kids. For adults, it's like a demo of what Kinect can do.
6 years ago#6
well hope this helps. i'm a 2nd degree blackbelt in karate. if you play these games the way they were ment, yes you will !

some good workout games are; dance central (top pick), followed by kinect sports. this has hurdles,boxing & much more! great workout. then i'd say fighters uncaged if you can get past the 2 second lay. has lots of real life fighting moves. some, like spining round house fist & backhand,special moves are not done raalistically. so your best bet is DC & kinect sports so far. besides the fitness games lol. i really like these 2 as they are great for cardio & toning.
6 years ago#7

It gets you moving and active, which is definitely a plus. But this game didn't really get me sweating like Just Dance did, so in terms of workout on the kinect I would rank it as such..

1. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

2. Kinect Sports

3. Dance Central

I have Sonic Free Riders too, and that one REALLY is a workout, before you figure out the controls and how to calibrate it and everything you will be DEAD after 3 laps!

6 years ago#8
I think Kinect Adventure is very good for a "free" game (or a game that comes in the package, whichever term you prefer :)); while the game doesn't have too much content, and can get pretty repetitive and boring after some time, it gives a good over look of what you can expect from the other Kinect Games.
The Reflex Ridge in Adventure left me breathing pretty fast (mind you, though, while I'm not big by any means, I'm not fit). Other mini games aren't as tiring, to be honest.

Anyway, I LOVE Dance Central and Fitness Evolved. Dance Central is good for a work out and entertainment. Fitness Evolved is good for toning and focusing on each body part, I think this "game" is very underrated (well, it's not exactly a game, it's a lot more like a real fitness class).
6 years ago#9
JStroud88, I'm surprised to hear you say that DC isn't giving you a good workout. Did you just start playing DC and haven't unlocked the hard difficulties for the hardest songs? Are you trying to do each move properly or are you just doing enough to pass them?

Even for someone in good shape, I'd be surprised if they can do the hardest 10 songs on hard difficulty and not feel like they had a good workout.

Heh, anyways, I could be totally wrong. I haven't been in good shape for years, so I'm not the best judge.
6 years ago#10
cool seems like I'm getting this and sports I saw some clips and it looks like you can sweat alot if you do the moves right like you guys said.
"One owes respect to the living, to the dead one wes only truth"J.O'BARR-THE CROW
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