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Before you reach for the uninstall button..... (Archived)moyashi10115/28/2012
500 free GC for you plus a 30 Day wep rental for me (Archived)hordekiller42015/10/2012
They suckered me back for their "launch" but this game is still pay to win crap (Archived)Jesus_Faction14/19/2012
Do you guys even took your time to play this game? (Archived)prdude12313/23/2012
War inc now unplayable (Archived)TheCamper211/25/2011
War inc. gamaplay commentary (Archived)Questmotion18/26/2011
I need help signing into this game from Steam. (Archived)NejiHyuga90018/24/2011
I was in the early alpha test for this game (Archived)giocare28/24/2011
Wow. That is the quickest I have ever uninstalled a game. (Archived)Icymane_Shado48/12/2011
Anyone else experiencing problems running this on win 7 x64? (Archived)EJ90238/1/2011
I for one LIKE this game (Archived)StraylightFun18/1/2011
game kinda sucks (Archived)asnys_77/28/2011
This game is mind-bogglingly awful (Archived)Captain_HammerX67/28/2011
Oh let's try and see if I can convince anyone on this game (Archived)Axeswingr2027/28/2011
having trouble installing (Archived)pinkpantherfan537/27/2011
I gave the game some time. I'm starting to like it. (Archived)Captain_HammerX27/24/2011
Soldner: Secret Wars - part 2? (Archived)Jedo17/23/2011
Not as bad as it first seems (Archived)lolaqa17/22/2011
This game... uh.... it's pretty freakin' bad for a Beta. (Archived)HyperRyun37/22/2011
Before everyone posts about a supposed bad game... (Archived)rawdogmeat457/22/2011
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