So uh, whats this about?

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6 years ago#2

Dunno man. I think its going to be a third person game being that sword play is usually better when you can see your character, not sure if they're doing a sci fi twist or not with the whole (que epic voice) "Codename... Kingdooommmsss", seems kind of weird to have "codename" there.

6 years ago#3

Yeah I agree, it is rather odd. Maybe you'll be in some kind of squad being that 2 other guys followed that one guy. I hope you get to fight monsters in this, or make it like oblivion but I doubt they'll do something like that, probably have open levels that allow for different paths to take to complete it, doubt they'll make it truly open world like.

6 years ago#4

Or maybe it will be an RTS

6 years ago#5

Hope not, I like my third person sword slashers, not enough of them (and by slashers I don't mean hack n' slash, I want good combat)

6 years ago#6
*walks in*


*backs out*
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