No info? A wishlist then.

#1MaxFelixPosted 6/4/2011 4:14:58 AM

I am really hoping E3 will bring us some details about this game. All I've seen so far is the teaser trailer and some kinect rumour I don't think was ever confirmed. Anyway, it makes you wonder.

A game set in the roman empire sounds amazing, no matter if its a open world action adventure/RPG or its some kind of kinect fighting game. Roman empire = win and why I follow this game. Exploration and gaining fame in Rome, following a story with moral choises, level up, dialougue, free roam, quests and sidemissions. Maybe something like AC with less acrobatic moves, more fights and more RPG elements.

But I actually think I'd be even more excited about a kinect game that allows you to fight in the Colloseum and similar arenas, with HD graphics full of atmosphere. Im not sure how control scheme should be but if they manage to make something that feels intuitive, physical challenging and tactical at the same time, I'd be very satisfied. I can imagine some kind of mix where you have the controller in your hands for movement and body movement for jumping, avoiding your enemy, hitting, kicking and melee. I'd take the risk of throwing my controller at my tv. I can even imagine some kind of bow control with your controller in your hand, raised in front of you to aim, sticks for fine tuning, left trigger for pull the arrow back and right trigger for shooting. Maybe they aren't quite there yet but hopefully they'll manage to make something like that some day.

A combination of both - basic RPG exploration while sitting comfortably with your controller in your hand and fighting while jumping around would be epic. I really think kinect games done right have a huge potential in making gamers really feel the story and action elements in a different way than normal. But please, if they make MP arena fights they should add the option not to share your video with your oponent. And sharing a video on Facebook should not even be an option at all.

So, now Im ready to get dissapointed when they actually reveal the game and it turns out to be some kind of hack and slash.