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User Info: Derelict313

6 years ago#1
I have the PC version and in order to play with my controller I have to assign each button a command. Can someone tell me the Xbox controller layout for each command so I can clone it to my game? Please and thank you.

User Info: Ersk316

6 years ago#2
RT- Accelerate
LT- Brake
RB- Camera view
LB- Radio/ EA Trax
X- E-brake
Y- Sirens on/off
A- Nitro
B- Headlights on/off
D-pad up- Turbo/Heli
D-pad down- Spikes
D-pad left- EMP
D-pad right- Jammer/Roadblock
RThumb- Snapshot
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User Info: Derelict313

6 years ago#3
That's all the controls? What about the menu controls? Do they list those?

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