2 new characters + stage 7

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6 years ago#31
The prices for the dlc better not be ridiculous either. If they try to sell me Julius/Stage 7 for 800 points, they're insane.
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6 years ago#32
So wait how did you get this? Is it possible to go to xbox.com and go to recent downloads and post marketplace links?
6 years ago#33
@jarnefeldt: Yes, plenty of people could. I am not even accusing Bonovox here, he might have been misinformed. Given the quality and the fact that Julius' portrait is the same as in the silhouette posted somewhere else here though gives this a decent chance of being real. As I said, I just hope that it's decently priced and hopefully not everything we're gonna get.

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6 years ago#34
You guys crack me up. "Check out his account....not many posts..." "This is all faked, just copy pasted" "These aren't the droids you're looking for..."

Really, if you don't want to be appreciative for seeing what it is, then I don't know what will. :-P
Thanks for the actual positive posts, and no, I am not artistically inclined to create stuff that looks like this. I usually got C-D's in any Art classes I took. lol

I have no idea how this will be bundled/priced/when made available. What you've seen is all I know about. I'm not going to contact the source because I don't know her/him or how he got it. Don't know if it's "early review" stuff or developer stuff or it's Hideo Kojima for all I know. :-P
6 years ago#35
Thank you very much for this, TC!
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6 years ago#36
It's not fake.

For any game in and any DLC contents in development, they always need to test it out first to ensure there's no bug.

During that phase, some video game testers (illegally) leak out screenshots of the game or dlc contents.

screenshots look genuine enough to be the case.
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6 years ago#37
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#38
Can Julius equipd armor and stuff like the other characters can?
Thanks in advance.
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6 years ago#39
Microsoft has the final say in any market place release, as far as pricing goes. So no one will know until Microsoft and Konami come to terms on the price. If it doesn't have achievements, it can be free, or dirt cheap.

If it does have achievements, microsoft refuses to give people more gamerscore without some sort of payment. Look into L4D1 and Valves fight with Microsoft over pricing. But it if it has achievements, expect it to cost a bit, because Microsoft wants to get paid for offering achievements, on top of Konami wanting to be paid for offering new content.
6 years ago#40
I never said it was fake, I merely said that I will not believe it until it comes out. Obviously you haven't heard the phrase "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."
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