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6 years ago#1
Chapter 1: ?
Chapter 2: ?
Chapter 3: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma Shanoa)
Chapter 4: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma Shanoa)
Chapter 5: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma Shanoa)
Chapter 6: Satan's Ring (Soma), Mercury Boots, Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma Shanoa)

Chapter 1: Tough Ring
Chapter 2: Thief Ring, Muramasa
Chapter 3: Chaos Ring, Nebula
Chapter 4: Alucard Sword (Alucard), Gungner (Soma), Feathered Armor
Chapter 5: Death's Robe, Death's Scythe (Soma), Ancient Armor, Berserker Mail, Yasutsuna
Chapter 6: Valmanway, Dracula Tunic, Winged Boots, Claim Solias (Soma), Simon's Plate (Jonathan), Impervious Mail

Dracula Hard can also drop
Berserker Armor, Ancient Armor, and Yasutsuna, but his drop rate is lower then deaths.
Yasutusuna will drop from purple chests in deaths level as well.

I believe I have covered all the important things, please fill me in if I missed any.
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6 years ago#2
Nebula is a soma only drop I believe
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RIP: Orlando of the Axe Karma: 1642 --he delivered!
6 years ago#3
Nice job on the list man
6 years ago#4
Not rare but were does daybreaker drop?
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6 years ago#5
Idk if its just my horrible irl luck
But holy veil is amazing for charlotte.
Dropped by normal Death.
But in my 78 runs, he still hasn't dropped it for me.
But I know he does, in case you wanted to add it
6 years ago#6

From: SuperDogX | #004
Not rare but were does daybreaker drop?

IIRC it's either the purple chests on Chapter 6 Normal or the boss chest. Alucard only.
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6 years ago#7
Yeah, got 2 of those from Death in the 20 runs on normal for Shanoas weapons.
6 years ago#8
I need to farm Death more to get that robe, I've got everything else from his stage it would seem.
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6 years ago#9
Holy veil that is...+10 INT.
6 years ago#10
Yes zeb.
Only thing iv heard that's better is muse's tiara
Dropped by dracula or found in purple chest ch 6. Charlotte only I believe.
But have only seen it dropped for someone else, obviously not for me.

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