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5 years ago#1
Despite there already being two other threads with the same purpose, I've scouted them both out and then some to compile this updated list of the item drops from chapter 11 as well as what difficulty they are acquired in.

Note: Items with the (?) next to them are unconfirmed as far as what difficulty (boss/purple chest) they are acquired and are merely guesstimates. I will update this list every few pages when new info is posted on the boards. Stats and effects of Soma's new souls and the new equips would be much appreciated.

Fuma Gear Note: According to posts in COLL1N's thread, each of the three pieces of the Fuma set have an MP Regen + effect, and these all can stack when the entire set is worn.

Normal Boss Drops:
Healing Mail (Whip users/Shanoa)
Thief Ring
Luminato (Shanoa)

Hard Purple Chest:
Bishamon Raiment (increased MP recovery)
Ebisu Raiment (rare item chance increased)
Fuma's Armor: +8 STR, +8 INT, +25 DEF
Fuma's Helm: +6 STR, +6 INT, +10 DEF(?)
Fuma's Greaves: +4 STR, +4 INT, +8 DEF, +10 Dark, +15 Petrify, Curse, Poison. [Note: Sonic Boots effect] (?)
Luminato (?)

Hard Boss Drops:
Chaos Ring
Muramasa +1
Yasutsuna +1

Soma Souls:
Oxocutioner: Spawns a sword in front of Soma that is thrown after a short time. Maxed spawns 4 swords that encircle Soma and damage enemies before being launched.
Pejoras mask
Flying Flower
Kung Fugu
Chimyriad: Summons Chimyriad to shoot fireballs that split into multiples. (total of 8)
Ryutotsuki: Summons an arm to punch the enemy. Maxed summons three arms around Soma for heavy damage.

Simon's Plate (Drops from Hellmont enemy)
Yasutsuna (Drops from Pejora's Mask enemy)
Gambler's Glasses (Drops from Peepillary enemy)
5 years ago#2
shanoa can get healing mail
5 years ago#3
Yeah, I forgot that little detail. I'll rectify that on the next list update.
5 years ago#4
its to late, all credibility is lost and your list will be overcome to the void
5 years ago#5
I can confirm the Yasu +1, got it as Soma
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5 years ago#6
fuma armor comes from purple chests? oh wow...
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5 years ago#7
Can confirm Nebula from the boss on hard.
5 years ago#8
Just a normal Nebula or a +1 version of it?
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5 years ago#9
I've only seen the regular Nebula
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5 years ago#10
muramasa +1 confinrmed, check out my run to see it :D
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