Chapter 11 Item Drop List

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User Info: Player_One1

6 years ago#21
I have never seen Luminatio in a purple chest on hard and I've done a ton of runs now.

User Info: Ephidiel

6 years ago#22
Luminatio confirmed as Hard Drop Boss Chest too
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User Info: DrunkenJin

6 years ago#23
Nice list.
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User Info: Crybos

6 years ago#24
Confirmed Fuma's Greaves are Wing Boot speed. Tested it with a friend.

Confirmed Fuma's Helm from Hard 10 Gold Chest.

User Info: Kentar4565

6 years ago#25
Does Fuma get any other spells other then his 3?
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User Info: Miraboreasu

6 years ago#26

Just gotthe Ebisu Raiment fromthe boss chest on normal.

User Info: Yojimbo7777

6 years ago#27
I can confirm Muramasa +1. Got it on my first solo run. Lucky me.

User Info: Einhandr

6 years ago#28
I can also be a second confirmation that fuma's greaves are only winged boots speed.

i don't know if this was posted already, but the metroid looking jellyfish enemy drops gambler glasses lol - WKC Community

User Info: MasterZhul

6 years ago#29
I'm so pissed about Simon's Plate, Thief ring, Chaos ring, Muramasa, etc. I worked very hard to get those items and I think it is a slap in the face to make them so easy in this chapter. I got 3 Simon's Plates in one damn run. Oh well, good news for anyone needing those items. Have fun.

User Info: gamewarrior88

6 years ago#30
so anyone know the difference between the new yasutsuna +1 and muramasa +1 from the originals? any other differences beside just stats?
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