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User Info: IzunaOverturee

4 years ago#1
After numerous farming of chapter10 I finally obtained 1 D.Custos I literally cheered yes when I saw it. How relieving only 1 more to go I don't even care which one I get now. Also a alucard did some kind of shortcut in the beginning of chapter 10 where you jump on the building behind you and do something. Can someone link me to a guide because all I get is the stupid elevator glitch. Thank you.
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User Info: firedraco2

4 years ago#2
You just do a normal jump kick acceleration glitch of that building and you'll ride the wall the boss room.
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User Info: DPC20XX

4 years ago#3
Here's the acceleration glitch guide: (Give props to Petrie11111 for making it)

Have fun!
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