Castlevania Petition

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3 years ago#1
heyy guys

see it!

ajudem a espalhar, inclusive no facebook
3 years ago#2
signed it
no lolligaggin
3 years ago#3
Signed It.

Post this around and sign it folks. The more interest there is in the game, the more likely it is something will happen.
3 years ago#4
i've posted it on the ps3 boards too
no lolligaggin
3 years ago#5
Definitely signed this one
360 GT: XenoSage
3 years ago#6
"Signed and Sealed!"
Gamertag/NNID: ChaosJohnson
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3 years ago#7
3 years ago#8
Hey this was my Idea!!!!!!! *signed*
Guess the mods really like Kingdom Hearts. I got warning status for saying the characters are......."happy-like."
3 years ago#9
Signed. It's a step in the right direction.
3 years ago#10
If someone found themselves with an abundance of extra time on their hands, it would be a good use of time to PM the petition link to anyone who has posted on this board, or boards on other sites, in the past (and the PS3 board here), but has not yet signed the petition.

Another avenue is PMing the link to players you play with online.

As awesome as the active members on this board are, this petition needs as much exposure as it can get. The more names you can attach to this petition, the more likely it is that Konami might agree to other proposed efforts.

Like the Kickstarter. :)

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