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User Info: The_Luxemboss

4 years ago#1
... has the number of players increased again since the release of mirror of fate? Not complaining by any means, online was close to dead a few months ago.
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User Info: R of The Nest

R of The Nest
4 years ago#2
I'm not sure but I was recently drawn back to this game due to a lack of current titles that interest me.
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User Info: Braindead_Pan

4 years ago#3
Thenarus and I both came back to the game recently after a year plus hiatus. Having spent a lot of time with other games in the series recently, the game is beautifully simple and very tightly well-made...despite a few game-breaking balance issues. It's no surprise that it keeps bringing people back.

To all the new players here after Mirror of Fate, welcome to Castlevania HD!

User Info: DPC20XX

4 years ago#4
From the co-op leaderboards, there's usually around 6600 players per month. It's getting close to that point for March. Last summer was the worst with only a few thousand.

But like Braindead said, welcome Mirror of Fate players! And any returning players, too!
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