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Don't get this game for Wii it sucks! (Archived)Nerdboy6771/26/2011
Worst GAME EVER (Archived)517199631/26/2011
what is different about need for speed hot persuit wii and the pc versions? (Archived)jack6330161/3/2011
Feeling Rooked (Archived)bcdemon31/2/2011
Couple of questions... (Archived)BruceMii212/30/2010
Split Screen HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)djac8272212/27/2010
PC version is much better than this (Archived)killeracer0210212/20/2010
This game is an insult to wii players! (Archived)
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OUCH. Whut happened? (Archived)jma1024x212/19/2010
The PS2 version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 looks better than this game... (Archived)
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Will This Actually Be Good? (Archived)GaryAtEastern612/14/2010
what did ea do to my need for speed hot pursuit 3! (Archived)mariokart64fan212/10/2010
My Gosh, makes me long for Most Wanted on the PS2 (Archived)nijos00700312/10/2010
This game really isn't bad. (Archived)whitaker6490112/6/2010
Warining! Don't Buy This Game (Archived)SuperCyprien212/5/2010
Criterion Promises Free DLC if this video gets 1mil Views by 12/12/10 Go! (Archived)occman312/4/2010
What features for online will this have? (Archived)dmaxcs812/3/2010
My heart goes out to the ones who bought this game... (Archived)soapytacoguy412/3/2010
If you like Need ofr Speed Nitro (Archived)ParksCo2211/29/2010
NfS: Hot Pursuit - The ending of the beggining (A short story) (Archived)SuperSLUG411/21/2010
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