The is it compared to the original game?

#1darkspineslayerPosted 2/12/2012 11:16:44 PM

I've got this preordered for the Vita, and downloaded the original Rayman in the meantime. I'm not digging the slow, dull pace to the original Rayman on the PS1.  Is this game a nice, solid platformer such as Mario World or Super Meat Boy, or should I cancel my pre-order and get a game better suited for me.

#2thegoodusernamePosted 2/13/2012 5:55:51 PM
actually it seems like a blend.

It starts out slow but gradually gets faster. of corse I haven't got the change to play it. but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it.
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#38spiritdrunkenPosted 2/14/2012 7:27:35 PM
It's lightning fast when you're going for the gold medals.
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#4glory of power metalPosted 2/14/2012 10:49:35 PM
It might have been due to most of the 2D platforms I've enjoyed in the last few years being shorter download titles, but I found Origins to drag a bit. I loved everything about it and the levels themselves are perfectly paced and beautifully done, but if the game was like 30% shorter I certainly don't think I would've minded.
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#5KetorulzPosted 3/1/2012 5:46:56 AM
Treasure Chases will change your attitude about the game being "slow paced". lol
#6Kickboxx88Posted 3/1/2012 1:51:19 PM
To me it's the best non-Mario platformer this gen
#7McSlayerPosted 3/2/2012 4:56:45 AM
I feel like it's got the perfect blend between fast and slow pace. It's testament to how solid the game is when you can go through it slowly and collect everything but then rush through the level for the timed challenges and have the game still feel like it was designed for that.
#8NewShirePosted 3/4/2012 1:52:52 AM

To me, it's the best non-Mario 2D platformer of all time.

#9SoaringDivePosted 3/4/2012 1:46:01 PM

From: NewShire | #008
To me, it's the best non-Mario 2D platformer of all time.


Amazing game. One of the best games this generation.