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I am the Sword of the Gods... (Archived)Variares16/30 8:23AM
Build Us A Beyblade!! (Archived)Celestrain1410/6/2011
sign here if you scored a sleep out on van.*low chance maby spoilers* (Archived)paper_water16/14/2011
WHAT THE **** IS UNDER GINGKAS BAND-AID!!!!????write what you think here (Archived)paper_water16/13/2011
look for some one to battle any takers (Archived)skiwee1614/6/2011
Please i need someone to battle with me with counter leone or susanoh edition! (Archived)Supremepower11114/4/2011
I don't Know what to do (Archived)zeroexev2923/4/2011
beat ginka (Archived)ZOMBIMONKY32/24/2011
Knock! Knock! Anyone home? Battles anyone? (Archived)chrisjrogers12/8/2011
battling on wifi, able to get their beyblade unlocked? (Archived)Steven_M_19_7882/7/2011
what to do? (Archived)zetrilx12/5/2011
Can;t understand this game! (Archived)bassyura61/30/2011
Bro looking to battle a Susanow (Archived)Smashbros29531/17/2011
Can anyone with susanow or counter battle me. (Archived)
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i need counter leone for cyber pegasus version (Archived)hotboyaaron11/17/2011
is this game worth getting? (Archived)archer360021/10/2011
let it rip (Archived)DXiRoNMaN11/10/2011
A challange to everyone on this board. TRY AND GET INTO THE TOP TEN!!!! (Archived)chrisjrogers11/2/2011
What rank are you (Archived)Royalboyprince11/1/2011
Things to note about the game? (Archived)
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