Want Call of Duty controls, look no further.

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Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen,

Some of you may possibly remember my thread a year ago, when Modern Warfare: Relfex was released for Wii. In it, I re-created perfectly the default settings to World at War's control scheme, and I've since been tinkering with the controls on GoldenEye to also re-create them. Whilst this is a work in progress, and some controls may be further tweaked, it's already proving to be fairly accurate.

If any of you would like to control the game as if you were playing Call of Duty, please follow the steps below.

Go to the Wii's controller settings on the GoldenEye menu, and click Customize.

Go into cursor settings and do the following;

Set the deadzone to 15 above, 35 across.

Set the maximum turn to 100 (which is default)

Set the horizontal speed to 30

Set the verticle speed to 9

Set the cursor sensitivity to MAXIMUM.

Now go into the ADS options, and do the following;

Set the deadzone to 17 above, 17 across.

Set the maximum turn to 90 above, 90 across.

Set the horizontal speed to 20

Set the verticle speed to 10

Set the cursor sensitivity to MAXIMUM.

Now exit those options, and set the camera to; Wii Remote Turning, and turn 'Look' OFF.

Have the Auto re-centre and Turn while cursor off-screen settings ON.

Let me know what you think! ;)

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Thanks man! Now it's better to control!
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seems legit
i dont think mr.yokoi would of liked metroid:other m very much
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Thanks, I'm glad that you find it works as it should!

I'll be tweaking it further in the coming weeks, as when I go to play Call of Duty, the game always feels a teeny bit stiffer than GoldenEye, and that is due to the way the speed increases when turning, which cannot be properly emulated on GoldenEye.

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I must try this, I can't get used to the wii mote controls in this game
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Let me know what it feels like for you, and give back some feedback if there's any! I'm going to try keeping this topic popular, because it's a lot more helpful than those whiney topics comparing this to the N64 version!

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if this works, then major major props my friend,

why this was not included in COD4 was beyond me
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"them memory is xbox hard down the framerate"
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What do you mean "Want Call of Duty controls, look no further"?

Are they superior to Goldeneye's default settings? How so?

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The thread title is pretty self explanatory, have a read of my first post!

Is it better? It depends on what you like. I think the Call of Duty games control really well on the Wii, so I try and get my other shooters to match their controls, as it's my preference.

You can always have a test of them, you might prefer them, or you might prefer the default settings, in which case I'd say go for it, seeing as you can always reselect the defaults any time you wish.