Recruiting for [TG] team

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Honestly Leo pretty much all are taken if you're asking for 30+. Good Luck though :)
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bradjul0805 posted...
Guess no high level guys want to run some competition against any of the other teams? Whats up with that? We can have a dominant team with the right guys...lets get this done!

Wow, you sounded like a true leader right there. Not the same as when you're talking behind your TMNT fancy tag. Rafael has proven to be more of a leader than you in the TMNT crying department.

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I didn't get a message.
Hey hotpotatoDX is the name and goldeneyes my game. Add me is you wish but tell me first. I was former member of team ++ but i quit. My fc is 1452-0460-0216.
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Facebook is Add me on fb and then make a group page.
Hey hotpotatoDX is the name and goldeneyes my game. Add me is you wish but tell me first. I was former member of team ++ but i quit. My fc is 1452-0460-0216.
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Leo I am soooo down to join. I'm a level 38 and pretty solid player. I used to go by iceman for the longest time. I've been getting bored with the game lately and think a clan might be kinda fun. I am pretty nasty with my snipping, but can run and gun with the best of them. Let me know if u want to add me. Or at least play a little and see if u want me on your clan. No big deal if not..
All of my loadouts are top gun call signs. I like your idea for this clan
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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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A rage quitter huh?

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Lung hammers lets get it done...I will add you tonite...let me know what call sign you want...

Second, FG21...your ass got dominated months and weeks ago by my team, dont speak unless spoken to since your garbage and we all know can chime in on everyone's posts but i dont see anyone trying to get you on their team, obviously for a reason.

Third, I dont rage quit cause i am losing...when i quit, i do it before next level 99.9% of the time...only other times i quit after a game started is because either my game is choppy and i cant play like that, or it's way past my time to be up at night and sometimes i realize after my eyes are half open playing i need to just get to bed, since yes i do work in the morning...believe me, i will not back out of any game esp looking like i am leaving cause i am losing? your friggin crazy...lets get in a game so i can shut your ass up too...and fyi lets make it before 11 pm so i can concentrate 100% and not be falling asleep at the gun...

muddy i think you are an RS member? we have some common friends on here, dont let that douche bag smear my've played me i believe and when did i ever quit? I did leave after 2 games with yela wolf, but like i said was super late for me and needed to try to get at least decent sleep for work...
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From my experience, you are NOT a host quitter. You took your beating in our clan wars. Everyone quits for whatever reasons, even during games. I'm sure I made people think that I rage quit when I actually quit to accept an invite from someone. BTW you need to reign in Raphael. He's a little hot-headed right now.

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By the way, the guy accusing you of rage quitting is in the [SD] clan. They would make a nice challenger for you guys. You should challenge them to show them whats up.