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(message deleted)
5 years ago#52
Raphael_005 posted...
Maddoggy and can bury these balls in your mouth if you to homos want to....I am not here to make friends....I just want to battle win or lose....and careful what you wish for in your post bc I am not opposed to meeting you in real life nor do I think you wantt that but I'm willing and ready whatever your brave self wants.....all my trash is for fun, but take it how you want.....I don't sit here and post min by min but I will catch you soon.

Fg...please do me a favor and do something productive other then post...I'm not wasting my time by reading your harry potter coolbepotter if you will and get beat ?ike the punk you are....but you give me a headache....

Rs...just play.....

Tking...let me know......I'm always willing to meet up anytime....and be friends.....haha....see you soon!

Happy hunting and battles...........!

Lol!!! Moving on my man :) if you are ever in Kalamazoo, Michigan on a sturdy night over the summer cone up to mayor riverfront park and after I get done waxin ace on the football field I'll wax yours...and not in a gay way, I know you'd get confused by that!
5 years ago#53
Saturday night not sturdy night...stupid I
5 years ago#54

Wow, I guess we won't be exchanging friend codes anytime soon. I was just trying to be the bigger man but whatever. No wonder why no one likes you, wanting to put your balls in everyone's mouth and all haha.

5 years ago#55
tking......we are not talking about jv or freshman football...son...see you soon my should put your tail between your legs....yellowtail......I will be up in mich this summer...good for you....better get rs...

Meantime let's battle on the game geek squad.......!
5 years ago#56
Better yet...bring your wife and your kid so he knows who his true father is.
5 years ago#57
Actually Semi-Pro for the Kalamazoo Outlaws:) I look forward to seeing you. I'm #11 and am switching from starting TE/WR to OLB. Come check me out if you wish....and then get check out yourself, and once again not in a gay seem stuck on that issue?
5 years ago#58
Raphael_005 posted...
Better yet...bring your wife and your kid so he knows who his true father is.

That's beez real fighting words homegrown!! Wishing upon a star you show are at 6pm so I'll be whoopin your ace about 10ish.
5 years ago#59
lol wow this topic has turned into the Maury Povich show! Raph's post reminds me of this...

5 years ago#60
Lol, we may have taken the front page away from ya Lebond:)

@Raph, enough of your behind the screen Randy ip this summer, end of story!!
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