Recruiting for the TMNT Team

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We just prefer competitive matches, you know ones that aren't 40-14.

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Keep telling yourself that. We tried to make this rematch happen for a while but you guys never were available for whatever reason. You guys are definitely on our list of clans to battle at some point. But we have a long list of other legit clans we want to battle before everyone starts playing Conduit 2. So like I said, challenge other clans and play some clan wars until we meet up again some day.

And for some reason you don't think that you need to make any friends or swap FC's. It is the best way to see what clans are out there and also a best way to arrange battles, etc.

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Raphael_005 posted...
Someone please give fg21 a chance on a team....if anyone is looking for a level 25 actively involved member on that chat room for your team...fg21 is your man! I did like your comeback at the very least fg!.. See you in the game!

Haha I'm not a lvl 20+ player anymore. Well at least in numbers. My nephew decided to feed my Wii with his cookies and broke it. BUT, my brother is going to give his Wii in return. Today, actually. So, soon, I'll be a 15-17 lvl player again. Obviously I'm taking his account if you haven'tdeduced yet.

Raph, is true that you'll be [TG] Charlie in that Top Gun thing of Leo-Vip?

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raphael = LeBond James???

Anybody order a mad brit and his shotty? Crazy Bacon is my name and killings my game, goldeneye FC: 007436401009 feel free to add me but tell me if you do :D
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Ok guys that's enough with this It was fun I haveto admit but we got other issues to worry about, like DS. Raph you will get a chance again just nit now, we got other battles we are concerned with. You should concern yourself with some others to.
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FG21 posted...

Mac-Leoid posted...

Oooh, I forgot how hot April was. That may well be the source of my redhead fetish...

Man, I'm in the same boat as you. I have a crush with the MythBuster girl, she's so hot.

I didnt know I so much in common with the people on this board...

Anyway, I would join if I wasnt in X. Id like to play you guys sometime though.
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Actually I was googling up April O'Neil and I may have been gettting her muddled up with Janine from the Ghostbusters cartoon. Though she did fill out those yellow jumpsuits juuuust right...
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Ha ha ha ha ha.

Back on topic: Whats everyones favorite TMNT? Mines Donatello.
GE IGN: Jet225 X "Mario has killed so many Goombas that it's [darn] close to genocide."
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Which one used which weapons? I liked the guy who used two swords. But TBH shredder was always far cooler than the turtles and when me and my wee brother played TMHT I always baggsied being shredder.
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don. the origonal boarder. purple ftw.