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3 years ago#1

The beautiful Queen of Nido was hunting in the woods for a Bullmoose. She tracked him for miles but happened to trip a proxy along the way and injured her face. A distinctly painful wound protruded from her cheek. The swelling distorted her appearance and her beauty was lost. 

She went to a doctor who diagnosed her as having an acute case of the Bulbous Sore, which has no cure. The queen returned to the castle and showed her husband, King Jimmy. He was surprised and distraught, admittedly bothered by the way she looked. Deciding this was an irreconcilable situation, King Jimmy whispered one last thing into her ear,

"Now you're just somebody that I used to know..." 

3 years ago#2
Seth[FG] or Hey, I'm Seth [3178-4786-9709]
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4

Also, bad dog! You're supposed to be put away in the laundry room already!
Savi[SD] -
3 years ago#5

The song is stuck in my head now. I apologize if you suffer from the same affliction.

3 years ago#6
if you ever have kids, you will scar them for life with these "bedtime stories"

you just had to make jmy a king....
3 years ago#7
I love these. I read them on my phone in the morning on the bus. Keep 'em up :D
[SP]/[DS]Styk (56) 3781-6464-7859. Alt account: Superman S2
3 years ago#8

lol Styk. Funny you say that because I considered putting you in this story.

3 years ago#9
and zen zey keel moose und sqvirrel?
Girls = Time x Money. Time = Money. Girls = Money x Money = Money sq.
Money = sqrt Evil: Girls = sqrt Evil sq. Girls = Evil
3 years ago#10
Deadpool spammed that proxy. I could hear the dial-turn whilst I was fishing nearby.
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