Swords v iS*

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User Info: BenitoGE

4 years ago#31
Kusanagi_M_ posted...
Mathius_007 posted...
Bump for an iS* 4th.

I'll be there as long as I get off of work in time.

Sounds good. I also heard from Randy and he is a go as well. Anyone who shows up gets at least 1 match and hopefully more. I planned this so I call the shots! Maybe? I dunno. I am just hoping for a fun, smooth war.

User Info: Albel_Nox_GE

4 years ago#32
le bump
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User Info: BensBunny

4 years ago#33
iS*Bunneh-1110.4705.2281 / HARLEY*QUINN-0234.3857.4375
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User Info: Kusanagi_M_

4 years ago#34
Looks like I'll be there! Made it out of work before 10, thank you GE gods.
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User Info: GE_Link

4 years ago#35
I can honestly say this is the most excited I've ever been for a war! I'm really looking forward to this!
// Link

User Info: Trenchee

4 years ago#36
Have fun all. All the iS* just logged so figured war was happening. :P
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