at the people I just played..

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I got kicked offline right when the game ended. gg though! tried to keep up with the spawns. :)

GGs. Finally had a 2:1 going and the HQ near the end of the match anyway. Couple that with an earlier lag death at 29-0 and my 30 min of playtime today was a waste.

Beer- if you read this sorry about missing the invites but they were during the two games I described so I wanted to finish them.

yesterday morning i played for 2hr 15min for a total of 0 xp. ended up just turnin off the wii after that.

That's where pot helps, no raging

LOL how true top...yeah ben nice choice of words. it was discusting
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Oh hey Deftones, GGs ;)

ggs Machine! :)

@Ben- that sucks, man.
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