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4 years ago#1
Which is your favorite poll? - Results (34 votes)
Best Clan
5.88% (2 votes)
Justy's own poll
11.76% (4 votes)
Best Sniper
5.88% (2 votes)
Conflict of Interest
5.88% (2 votes)
Best Alt Clan
5.88% (2 votes)
Most popular clan
2.94% (1 votes)
Best Female
14.71% (5 votes)
Best Meleer
2.94% (1 votes)
Best RTMer
5.88% (2 votes)
38.24% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which poll is your favorite?
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4 years ago#2
Does a poll of all polls contain itself?
DRAGONAIR* or whatever
4 years ago#3
justys own poll hands down
GT-AJusty43 Leader of the CD Clan.
4 years ago#4
osellis3 posted...
Does a poll of all polls contain itself?

I dunno. Let's take a poll and find out.
(-o-) Jigglypuff* : 0424-0686-6889 (-o-)
4 years ago#5
justys own poll by far
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4 years ago#6
This meta
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4 years ago#7
Other. Poll Awards = Fail.
"That was a Delicious effort!"
4 years ago#8
Other- None. When I finally figure out how to make a poll, it will be the best poll. Until then the title of "Best Poll" lies vacant.
Well, I suppose it's time to get kidnapped again...
4 years ago#9
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4 years ago#10
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