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4 years ago#1
Hey folks,

Happy New Year and all of that jazz. Hope you and your families all had a safe and merry holiday season!

I recently read a thread about the failed (for whatever reason) 2012 Goldeneye Wii Peoples Choice Awards. It ended up being a massive job and not one timely viable with the resources and manpower available. Blah blah, technical jargon for tl;dc (care)

Anyways, I did want to proceed with this one thread: The GE Hall of Fame.

Nominations are now open for players to be inducted into what is to be known as the GE Hall of Fame. I do have a committee/board of respected and well known GE players to make the final decisions, so this particular thread is open for anybody to say who they think should be known as the truest 'Elites/GoAT' (Greatest of All Time) in this game we all enjoy playing.

This is open for all modes, all time, and all clans/alts.

So pop in a post. Put some reasons if you feel so inclined. And all the numbers and names will be crunched and I/we will put a results thread up as soon as the final decisions are made. I can't think of any other rules or regulations that might apply... But I'm sure I'll be reminded quickly, as like any other thread in this place - opinions will fly fast and hard.

Essentially, if this is just another tl;dr...

End message = We're making a Hall of Fame for the greatest players. Write who you think makes it.

Better living in 2013 everyone.

EDIT: An idea pitched to me earlier last year as a format - (Along with a few of my nominations)

Tier 1 Players (Best of the Best/GoAT - Elite)
etc etc etc

and possibly... Tier 2 Players (Allstars/Great Players)
etc etc etc
The only time I was wrong, was when I thought I was wrong.
4 years ago#2
Best user of italics and bold characters in the board - Enzo
GE 007 FC: 3988-8644-6749 56-Z:Majora
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4 years ago#3
I'd induce [CD]Melee cause he is beast with Melee.
Gets me everytime, if you played against him, you'll know what I mean
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4 years ago#4
best player thread in disguise
DRAGONAIR* or whatever
4 years ago#5
PM's sent to committee members...

And thanks Majora! (I think? :P)
The only time I was wrong, was when I thought I was wrong.
4 years ago#6
Best Connection - Reptile

Best Melee - Snuggs

Best RTM - ???

Best Currently Active Clan - CD/MM/THE

Best Drunk Player - 00Steve

Best High Player - Top Man

Best Player - Klams

Worst Player - PH/Jmy

Best Troll - Me
(Impactor) of the TF3 clan
4 years ago#7
I'll toss in my token for Trench. Stand-up guy and all around bamf in matches.
4 years ago#8
Impactor_007 posted...

Best Player - Klams

4 years ago#9
osellis3 posted...
best player thread in disguise

Best player is soooo hard to determine. So much criteria and too many opinions. At least this way, we could recognize quite a few players who are deserving.
The only time I was wrong, was when I thought I was wrong.
4 years ago#10
Impactor_007 posted...

Worst Player - PH/Jmy

Best Troll - Me

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