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2 years ago#11
GoldeneyeFan99 posted...
Fire_Plover posted...
GoldeneyeFan99 posted...
These things just p*** me off.
1. Noob tubers- especially higher lvls.
2. Campers- noobs who just sit there with a silenced Pavlov/talon, also lvl 26+ using the silenced Pavlov instead of the toros.
3. Boosted lvl 56's- wen most of us high lvls have worked are socks off and they spend 20 mins in two hacked games and get boosted at least 30 odd lvl's.
4. Gun jackers- for the same reasons.
5. Mutual killing/ lag- wen u kill an enemy and then they continue shooting after they've died to kill u back, lag also.
6. The heavy hitter perk- not that I hate the gadget, only that I think it's stupid to put it in. It makes it harder to create loadouts, but most importantly, a lot less people would use silenced guns or snipers and camp with them cos they'll end up with endless hit marks, more people using thermal snipers ( gambit) etc.

These are some of the things that make the game a pain, not everyone will agree with me, but please share what u hate on this game, cos I think if these things above stopped, the game would be better to play.

7. People who whine about stuff like Silenced Pavlovs, HH, and Gunjackers.

I take back gun jackers as I just kill them as they have know knowledge on how to use the gun, and my way around snipers is using BB and RA which works un less there usin toros + HH or talon thermal + HH or gambit or wa2000 + HH

You don't need any knowledge other than how to fire really. Gun jacking is smart, not nooby.
SpeakNoEvil, the[C]AT, #SuperTramp
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2 years ago#12
Pet hates for me are-

1. The Cursor stall. Feels like I'm having to wrestle the damn Wii Mote just to aim. Having played Black Ops, MW3 and Black Ops 2, I'd actually forgotten just how unstable the Wii Mote is by comparison. Shame they never got around to patching this game. Would have been the first fix on my list.

2. Host Quits. Ok, more specifically, how you lose all your XP and pretty much everything you earned over the course of a match just because some butt hurt can't take a loss and rages out. I don't get too bothered about an actual host quitting because games like these often make things difficult for the host. But it's really an over sight from the developers not to have the game have some auto-save measure that would kick in and let you keep your stats from the latest match.

3. The Friends List. Not sure if it still happens but occasionally, you'll try and add someone and your request gets left in limbo. The other player doesn't always get the prompt to add your request or they accept but neither of you are added to each others list, so you have a wasted slot on your roster that can never be claimed back. Also, you cannot keep track of your requests after you've send them. Once you add someones FC into the add system, it goes out into the void and either the other player adds you back or they don't. In the case that they don't that's ANOTHER slot on your roster wasted, never to be claimed back as you can't cancel/ delete friend requests.

4. The poorly distributed level unlocks. Mid- Upper 40's, I'm looking at you. The only things to even get excited about in the level 40 range are the unlocks at level 41, The Anova and level 45, The Strata. Everything else is meh or redundant unless you're a fan of the Wa2000. Wouldn't be sooo bad but the levels ups in this game take a good couple of hours and more than likely more than one or two playing stints to just to rank up one level. The last level in this game should have been level 50, with XP and unlocks distributed slightly more intelligently so as to prevent long boring grinds with nothing to show for it.

5. Mutual kills. They're just annoying. Think you've beaten someone just for their bullets to lag into you half a second later and you're dead too.
Well, I suppose it's time to get kidnapped again...
2 years ago#13
Also people who call themselves "." On your team so u shoot them thinking their the enemy
2 years ago#14
GoldeneyeFan99 posted...
Also people who call themselves "." On your team so u shoot them thinking their the enemy

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