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4 years ago#1
Most of you haven't seen us before, because none of my members have Gamefaqs accounts. We have 12 members but after Christmas break, a lot of them went dead for various reasons so we need members now more than ever. Preferably, some of the better players here. We could use some good advice and technices to make us a better team/individual.

I would encourage you to make an alt and join us, or you could even join us publicly as your own name, I'll accept you regardless. You would be playing with people that you've never even played with before (some better than others) in this clan, and I would encourage everyone to at least give it thought. I'm somewhat new here, but I'd like to become friends with some of you, because some of you seem worth listening to.

Everyone should be able to pass these, but they're just basic:

At least a 20 streak (some people are good at getting good ratios, just suck at streaks)
Goes positive the majority of the time(should be everyone)
Good character, and respectful.

We must remember that all clans such as RS, or DS all had a starting point, where they slowly became greater and greater. Right now, we're definitely not one of the best clans here. I would love to see this clan grow though, and continue to get better. You can call me stupid, but you can't underrate my determination.

Oh, and no point in trolling. I'll just enjoy it. I'm not one of those noobs that will suddenly hate you all and tell everyone to shut up in case you didn't know.
4 years ago#2
360 Top Man.... huh
Top Man/copyCAT/>ROKUSHO<
4 years ago#3
Double0God posted...
360 Top Man.... huh

4 years ago#4
Double0God posted...
360 Top Man.... huh

Go for it bro :3
4 years ago#5
4 years ago#6
Bumpity. I need clan members:(
4 years ago#7
Elias[LC] , [CD]DarkHole / Gamertag: EliasOwnz1
4 years ago#8
ALT_Owner posted...

You join Elias:3
4 years ago#9
:( where are the trolls
4 years ago#10
360GEClan posted...
:( where are the trolls

CatchMyFade16 posted...
There are no trolls on gamefaqs.
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