Egyptian Gawds Sleuthered?

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User Info: Impactor_007

4 years ago#1
Sobek = Ron White - Hax
Horus = PH - Sux annoying like both Deeds and Ron therefore they must get along
Ra = Deeds - Sux and Rons lil follower :3 clearly the leader of the group only Ron would wanna join that
Anubis = Yuan - Already said he wanted to be Anubis before just jumped on the bandwagon
Osiris = Zapdos - hes back from school for a bit can put up with the rest of these noobs(somehow)
Set = Kintaro - Just finished with GG hes a noob not smart enough to know better to not join

EG was a better idea than GG2 but you hax
(Impactor) of the TF3 clan

User Info: knightsp29

4 years ago#2
stfu alt
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4 years ago#3
(-o-) DEWGONG* / Miss Dewey / Sheriff Dew / Scarlet-Dew
do the dew >> fc: 1974 6678 0887

User Info: TobiasFunk3

4 years ago#4
Your detective skills need work.
iS*Funke, -Apollo-

User Info: amafifer

4 years ago#5
Out of all of them you mentioned you scored NULL! PWOINTS! :p
}'ifer* main 56 fc - 3405 9106 3430 }Thunder{ of The Elements clan.{OZ}Fifer* Alts-Hypnos- ge Greek Gods clan. And ?

User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

4 years ago#6
You're close.

Except the close part...

But thank you.

User Info: RSMiami

4 years ago#7
This is like a game of 'Guess Who'...

But nobody is winning at the moment.
The only time I was wrong, was when I thought I was wrong.

User Info: 360GEClan

4 years ago#8
Lol PH isn't one

User Info: Trenchee

4 years ago#9
They all hax. No one cares.
3590-0589-7276 - CLOYSTER* Skype: trenchee1121
5245-9066-0669 - THE TRENCH "Only COWARDS use silencers!"

User Info: madghei

4 years ago#10
I'm one of them. *Sleuthered*
Mila: 1717-8549-4653
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