Egyptian Gawds Sleuthered?

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User Info: Neoconkers

4 years ago#31
you're not even the real TF3, you're the 4th incarnation of the TF clan. :/
Girls = Time x Money. Time = Money. Girls = Money x Money = Money sq.
Money = sqrt Evil: Girls = sqrt Evil sq. Girls = Evil

User Info: TheGELegend

4 years ago#32
Impactor_007 posted...
Sobek = Ron White - Hax
Horus = PH - Sux annoying like both Deeds and Ron therefore they must get along
Ra = Deeds - Sux and Rons lil follower :3 clearly the leader of the group only Ron would wanna join that
Anubis = Yuan - Already said he wanted to be Anubis before just jumped on the bandwagon
Osiris = Zapdos - hes back from school for a bit can put up with the rest of these noobs(somehow)
Set = Kintaro - Just finished with GG hes a noob not smart enough to know better to not join

EG was a better idea than GG2 but you hax

Hi blaze!!!!!!
GE Main:[LC] Legend/ GE Alt: [CD] Legend
PSN: orlegend0208
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