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4 years ago#1
I haven't seen a single list of all the montages in the GE community. So basically, I am putting together a YouTube playlist with all the montages from the GE community. If you want your montage included in the playlist either post the link here or send the link to me and I will add it. Here is what I have so far:
Montages, Commentaries and Gameplays:
4 years ago#2
Was supp bro, you got a Nice playlist so far, nice'

Add mine

Thanxx Bro. " We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time"
4 years ago#3
40 feats montages:


ics' 1st

ics' 2nd

Some of mine:
NNID: SteveTrain
4 years ago#4
Steve forgot his TF2 Domtage:

Here's my Double Heroes with Aero:

And the best GE montage ever made... <Prowl>:
4 years ago#5
PSN: Gareth_HTAFC,
4 years ago#6
4 years ago#7
These are mine, but made from a very small sample of games.
I have so far taped only about 50 ogames or so.
[X]Koopa 1994-0029-2967
007 Embassy Clan
4 years ago#8
Z:YoungLink [CD]WHY EL*
YT channel: SexSunSoul
4 years ago#9
Nice one zav! Really done a great job here. Thanks! :)
4 years ago#10
i cant believe ben hasnt posted in this thread yet.
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