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4 years ago#31
good luck with recruiting blaze!
fc; 0244-4861-2254 (looking for a new clan)
4 years ago#32
MrBont_uk posted...
MK_Kitana posted...
I would like to rejoin but only if I can be co-leader and you mange to Poach Mr Bont

Fixed for yah :)

Also what Funke said, Two is enough for me, thanks though

Don't play hard to get.
4 years ago#33
4 years ago#34
I have no idea
4 years ago#35
Plz, I'm begging u to let me join.
I'm a completely legit lvl 56, I don't masty, luv gambit and ivana (unsilenced), I've had this game for ages but haven't been arsed to add anyone, I've seen loads of clan war vids (kalypso, wolfnd etc) but I have no idea how to join, can u plz check me out or tell me wot to do.

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