iQ VS MK - League War Planning

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3 years ago#31
MedinaMX posted...
CygnusEcho posted...
Alright, listen up MOMO. This thang is goin down on or around 9:45pm EST with a cap of 42. Our mexihax0r Medina asked for that time because he'll be busy basking in his sexiness at any other time.

As for meh, I'm going to make sure I quadruple my hacks. Ima be runnin' around and sheet and yall be like "o dam, is that Erhax?" then BAM, yall dead. YALL DEAD. Your bullets will look like they hit me to you, but my golden, no honor connection will make them bounce off me as I turn around and light you up (literally and figuratively).


QFT...Mexihax are ready sir...i'll be shooting taquitos and beans!

i would too if i ate that crap.
3 years ago#32
?and btw are irish tampons worse than regular tampons?
3 years ago#33
what is your lineup mk?
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