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User Info: GSMcQueen

4 years ago#1
GG just now on Archives. I came in late, but I was XPRMNTL (lvl 17). It's an account I made a long time to play around with custom controls, and I decided to use it today with iRiSh Steve's settings. Thanks for not using proxies and Masterton.
GS*McQueen -- Magnet Man -- /.MaxFischer

User Info: MedinaMX

4 years ago#2
GGs dude, we we're just messing around with snipers hahaha untill it became laggy :(
MK KINTARO - FC: 1229-6801-1628 / -Metis- from the Greek Gods Clan. / [+]Med!na / http://www.youtube.com/user/victoroberto/

User Info: ForeverWar

4 years ago#3
Stay away from my crates woman!

User Info: ALT_Owner

4 years ago#4
GGs to you guys, took me a while to catch on :p
Too bad i lost connection on archives
Elias[LC] , [CD]DarkHole / Gamertag: EliasOwnz1

User Info: _Tantrum_

4 years ago#5
5 sniper loadouts like a gaht-damn G.
<Tantrum> of Transformers 2
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