GE is the most raw video game EVER!!

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4 years ago#1
CSB_ last night I connected to a supreme host. Two fantastic players who I battled against for possibly the most raw, UN interrupted all out game I have ever seen.

The map was jungle, I enter late into a team that's down by 30 or 40. Im quickly put down a couple times by the dominantors. It clicked. Everything I have been learning, practicing, came to together.

**** godlike, this was Warlock like. I, look around finding my senses, throw my two premeditated proxies, spawn BOND. Run!! And I ran!! Laid the next three proxies in defense. I get out of being flanked by the two dominators. 4 proxies left. I take out the player behind me, take his position, look for my mates. Senses kicking in my training, RUN!
I take the next position and strafe. BOOM! Not a second later, BOOM!! 2proxies remain, I gotta get back behind them, RTM' s flying, I hear the saucers spinning, RUN! I hear the trigger, RUSH!! Clear my path, got to the next post, where are they?BOOM! 1left three enemies are caving in on me, more rtms. I run, spot a proxy on the ground,is it mine? Shoot It! By this time I make it into MI6 spawn and head up the ladder, BOOM boom!! Machine gun fire exploding rtms, my screens is turning red, I'm dying.... what? I made it out on to the roof meeting a crouched mate. I run taking vantage point above, I've been spotted, jumped through the hole an repositioned.
OH **** this is SICK!
I run Don the hallway, I Now notice all my mates crouching, hiding, I'm running the map!
Holy **** Dead silence, the screen continually shaking, RAW, playing emotion.

4 years ago#2
(~):} If I knew the way, I would take you home {:(~)
4 years ago#3
Believe it or not this is probably your most intelligible post yet. Good work!
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4 years ago#4
I left out the part where I pulled out the p99 when I couldn't reload the anova. That thing is dead sexy, it's like the golden gun slept with the silent ivana and had babies and that baby made babies with a talon.
4 years ago#5
Rock, Flag, Eagle.
iS* Mr. Snrub / DIG DUG / Crudos
4 years ago#6
So raw bro
4 years ago#7

That's so dope.
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4 years ago#8
It was cooler than it sounds. Just saying, the emotion I felt afterwards, I creamed myself. So much wood I could of been apart of the tree clan.

Or a baker filling pies.
4 years ago#9
MK_Kitana posted...
So raw bro

RIGHT, for sure.
4 years ago#10
ronXwhite posted...

That's so dope.

RIGHT, for sure.
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