Fifer, HAARP, Goldie, TrevBndo, Psycho and almost Ry

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goldie1967 posted...
Ggs guys, I started work at 5.30am yesterday and was struggling to stay awake when we were playing. Took a break for a major strong coffee....still no better so in the end I just gave in and went to bed.

This game doesn't seem to know which one of us should host, the mystery of host choice goes on :)

i suppose i can take the tin foil off of my wii, and host some games for you guys. :)
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fakeplasticmanatree posted...
Hey Yes. I remember those, pretty close. I'm not usually on the second time we played, I couldn't get any sleep so I started playing GE again at 4:40am :) But I am on around afternoon/evening UK time. You want to swap FCs?

Hah, just saw this. Sure, add any/all my accounts and just let me know.
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