So, guess what?

#21WiiGamer87Posted 2/3/2013 10:03:39 AM
Hows the beh beh?
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Hey there! Hope you guys are all doing great. Btw, you guys teach Mac the spawn points yet? She'll be goin 2-1 in no time!!
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Kso, I lied a little bit. Not on purpose, but I forgot tonight was the Super Bowl. Fml. I doubt we will be playing, but if we do, it's definitely party time ya'll! And the baby is awesome and spectacular and I love her ohso much! Once I am actually on my laptop I'll upload some pics to this thread so you all can see. c:

I will bump this thread when we are signing on. I will try to make it tonight, but if not, DEFINITELY tomorrow. I promise this time!
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PS. Hah, Kenzie is going to whoop all of your asses in game when we come back. Count on it. And also, welcome back McQueen and Queeny! Oh, and the place is awesome, btw. Naked time is all the time! o:
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