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User Info: Justified2343

4 years ago#1
Congrats on da baby. I changed my name in honor of you. This is a little late but, i must ask, is his name Yusti? If he/she isnt, im gonna tell Ben that Duke is better than UNC everytime i see him on skype.

GGs. Ry, Archives was stupid, i didnt even realize i was host. phuckkkkk
GT-UnclexDr3w. Leader of the CD Clan. Uncle Drew. I get buckets.

User Info: BensBunny

4 years ago#2
<3 lol.

i just tried to connect to your game and it didnt work. im sad now.
iS*Bunneh-1110.4705.2281 / HARLEY*QUINN-0234.3857.4375
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User Info: TampaBondo

4 years ago#3
Did you guys name you new son Bond or Zuk? If it is a girl, Natalia? Just curious...

On a more serious note, congrats!
Proud member of the 007 Embassy [E7] clan!
TmpaBndo[E7] FC: 0605-5154-0786
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