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titoDiaz posted...

Hey there's one! Hi tito!

First round on me bub.
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GG's the other day Succthis. I know you hosted a game or two, then we randomly played a few others together or vs. each other. I was the 56 w/ the drumhead and rtms on every map except the last where we were paired up at Outpost. I switched to ivana there and was trying my best to go for a 30 streak but that host wasn't agreeing with me that well. I made it to 19-20 and took an insta-death behind cover. GG's to Queeny also who was in a few of those on her alt. :P
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Hey grandma!

Oh nvm.

Welcome to the board bro.
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TobiasFunk3 posted...
GG's to Queeny also who was in a few of those on her alt. :P

You saw KweenieHutJr, did you? I can never tell who anyone is. GG's as well I hope!
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Succthis posted...
Johnny_Utah_ posted...
Leave. Go find your people.

GE is on life support.


Your post is a paradox, attempting to insult me then ending your post with a beautiful word such as whiskey.

Mmmmmmm Jameson......


It wasn't supposed to be insulting, much less a paradox. I re-read it and i see how it could sound douchey. My bad.

Mmmmmmmmmm Johnnie......
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Im still here D:
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Fife guy reporting in. ;)
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Woot. Hi Old Timers!
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GE is deadish.
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