Any Clans Recruiting?

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4 years ago#1
I'm looking for an active clan that wouldn't mind testing me or giving me a shot at joining their clan. I am currently level 40 and I believe I have the skill for all scenarios, you can determine that though. I am legit and active. I only play on weekends because of school but I'm on all weekends long. I currently have a 2.17 kdr. I'm open to all options, feel free to send me a PM as well. Shoot up some offers folks!

- Jman
4 years ago#2
GT-UnclexDr3w. Leader of the CD Clan. Uncle Drew. I get buckets.
4 years ago#3
If it exists there is porn of it
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
Wow, 2 puns in 1 post. Good job. That should definitely get you a tryout.
"I don't care! You gotta go down! It's gotta be that way!" - Johnny Utah
"Death is a standard breach for a complex prize." - Deftones
4 years ago#6
Make yur own clan
4 years ago#7
4 years ago#8
[W.44] Will take you.
[W.44]SOURG. FC: 5097-9937-4117
4 years ago#9
Bro. It's all bout OD.
Youtube: Blaze1670 Summonor Name: Godfisted
4 years ago#10
SourGrapey24 posted...
[W.44] Will take you.

How many players? Skype? Website? Activeness?
NNID: JmanGunz
GE: 1858-5400-2574
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