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User Info: Prolly09

4 years ago#31
AwesomeSingh posted...
Prolly09 posted...
I am not the leader Turtle is, Add us if you would like a try out...

Can i f**kin join????????????????????

Yeah when can you try out??
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User Info: GoldeneyeFan99

4 years ago#32
You need to say where you are from AwsomeSingh, then give me ur FC and add me. I will play with you on fri evening or saturday morning.

U got a 90% of being in TB over the weekend :)
Leader of [TB]: 1380-1149-3714~[W.44]: 4314-4037-3293

User Info: THEMACHINE007

4 years ago#33
Ti**y Bouncers Gentlemen's Club™ of Las Vegas, NV underground will be suing. Expect notice from our lawyers via email or parcel in 4 business days.
For I have the power to kill, without the power to die. THE MACHINE.

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