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3 years ago#21
Darkbomb0 posted...
...actually started using flashbangs and smoke grenades [Distraction] since playing the other shooters. I toss a few... they just sit there...1 hour later after everyone walks past the bright yellow shiny thing, it finally explodes. Same goes for smoke. They needs shorter fuse times.

In Legends, flash disarms mines.
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3 years ago#22
I would like proxies to function more like the bouncing betty in MW3. Some sort of sound that indicates you triggered it followed by a brief pause and THEN the explosion. So it's not an automatic death if you go near one that's hidden. Sometimes you'd just get injured. That way players wouldn't just lay down 2 proxies and run to the other side of the map or hide in a corner.

If it was like the way I described then I think it would be fair for players to unlock them sooner, too. Bond would still get 3 but his would have a shorter fuse time than regular ones.
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3 years ago#23
3 years ago#24
Also prestiging! And you choose the gun you want to keep! Like u can choose strata/ivana whatever you prefer
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3 years ago#25
16 people in one match
3 years ago#26
pdorse9 posted...
more hiding spots


Also lol at DP :)~
3 years ago#27
pdorse9 posted...
16 people in one match

it lags terribly with 8, you are going the wrong way. 6 players in a match.
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3 years ago#28
3D, full on walls behind me, life size players, and you get shocked when you get hit. No pacemakers allowed.
3 years ago#29
Weapon Power ups

Spread, laser, M, Rapid Fire etc
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