GE Salvation: Team IV (insane Vampires) Time to Vote

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@ haarp: the only reason im saying to fast track u and kev is that no one would have a problem with it. both of u have a great rep among us. getting eveyone to see this and agree will take alot of time. vox made it very clear in chat that everyone gets at least one game in. the leadership is not picking or choosing ppl, power or even making executive descisions. it one guy to go to when need ppl and get the lobbies started. Simple. Anyone has a prob, which there should be no logical reason why......we can change it. No biggie. Its for organizational purposes

I agree 100% Manny, salvation was created for the whole community, regardless of level or skill, everyone should be able to play and get games in and enjoy it .. And by organising IV ,it can only help to make sure the salvation concept is fun for everyone as it was created to be

Another option based on your idea if ur schedule unpredictable (family, work) is when vox post the details of the next game....just make a thread "who can make it and be our go to guy/girl. Anyone can take that spot' And do that every week.

Absolutely, I think the more people from our team are practice the better , as long we have a central core structure so people know where what and who to contact then all is good

thanks for the brianstormming session.Haarp. You came up with the best and logical solution. You got your help Vox, we support you until death! :)

No worries Manny, Vox deserves all the support and help we all can give him