Is the [CG] clan still around here?

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HITSQUAD187 posted...
BLURSHADOW posted...
CG doesn't hack so you can just get over your self lol hi Queeny.
Everyone hq's sometimes why didn't you say good games then he might have told you why his wii froze or something else like that.
You can't just assume that he hq.

Lol. I didn't say [CG] hacks.

And his Wii didn't freeze. He left the game and I ran into him in the next immediate game on another mode.

And then he left at kill 39.

And like I said, I've been around long enough to know when it's not a coincidence.

And he hasn't said otherwise since this thread went up.

And like I also said, I know that nobody gives a s*** anyways and this whole thing was a bit of a troll topic with a bit of canned laughter.

And any other questions? :P

Nah I'm good
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