New to GE, ...clans?

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User Info: jauntie

3 years ago#11
+1 for sewers

User Info: goldie1967

3 years ago#12



Hi !
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User Info: rshooty

3 years ago#13
goldie1967 posted...



Hi !

Hey! Good game in conflict.
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Let me know if you want to add me.

User Info: Diez_X_Drake

3 years ago#14
>CR<X. Drake Viva la Revolution!!
Cybernetic Revolution -

User Info: Trenchee

3 years ago#15
-1 for Sewers.

Can't see sht on that map and Memorial. Damn limited vision.
DEAD - THE TRENCH 2435-2707-5659 - -Trench
The Wii is a faulty system...
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