What's the most used IGN in GoldenEye?

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3 years ago#1
What's the most used IGN in GoldenEye? - Results (50 votes)
62% (31 votes)
4% (2 votes)
2% (1 votes)
4% (2 votes)
I Kill 56's
0% (0 votes)
2% (1 votes)
slowbro suX
26% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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3 years ago#2
FC: 2072-1579-5145 [Chief Operator]NNID:JmyWhsprs, [GE] JmyWhsprs, 56-JmyWhsprs
3 years ago#3
How could you forget.. bond.
&.Virus (Lv 56): 2741-3537-8788
3 years ago#4
. is, and the most annoying.
3 years ago#5
That's because of uav hackers.
That's because I mentioned it.

Numbers fellas, numbers is the answer.
Thank you, this game has been great. Good games to everyone. Here's to the next 007 adventure. 123 GAME OVER.
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"Im just brushing up on a little Danish."
3 years ago#6
The infamous dot

Sgt. Hodges: "That's not a plan. That's a s*** sandwich without bread."
Memoirs of [RS]Enzo - Section 7(1)(a)
3 years ago#7
Mish moneypenny.
Sha names Bond...shames Bond!
Say in Sean Connery voice^
}'ifer* main 56 fc - 3405 9106 3430 }Thunder{ of The Elements.{OZ}Fifer* Alts-Hypnos- ge Greek Gods clan. eXisTs.
3 years ago#8
Toto is the new Florian.
3 years ago#9
Viruss57 posted...
How could you forget.. bond.
Cage FC: 3572-1686-9458 http://www.MK007.webs.com
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3 years ago#10
Why are you still here? I thought by now you'd come to your senses and stop playing this game especially when no one likes you here. You got kicked out of you're own clan, so I'm happy Jmy came to his own senses.
FC: 3328-9817-2180
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