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3 years ago#1
If anyone has questions about GE, this is the place!
3 years ago#2
What is GE?
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3 years ago#3
How is this a pep talk?
"I'm A Were-Pig, and I approve this message"
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3 years ago#4
GE stands for Goldeneye and all the current users should chat here. If u are not a user, please do not comment. Thanks:)
3 years ago#5
hi mom!
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3 years ago#6
My FC. -> 2428 4474 3737
3 years ago#7
3 years ago#8
MK_Kitana posted...
iS*kogs 4969-0899-6473
iS*kogs2 3110-5895-7148
3 years ago#9
Quiet kev
3 years ago#10
MK_Kitana posted...
Quiet kev
THE CAT ~ Cat[X]
itsover8999 posted... arf
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