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Hi guys

I want to make a new clan, now I'm level 22 and I try to play everyday, I bought the game a year ago and I finished the game two times ;) (sorry for my bad English) And now I'm starting to play online. I like it but I want to play with a team and not everytime other players. Who wants to help me and become also clanleader? I thought BestBro is a good clanname wit the tag: [BB]. I hope that we can make a team and so we can start to play against other clans.

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BestBro? u mad bro?
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DatDudeBro is a better clan name

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XxarwaxX posted...
I finished the game two times ;)
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MK_Kitana posted...
XxarwaxX posted...
I finished the game twice ;)

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Der der Duh, Der der Duh!


BB sucks

New clans don't work (your slightly late too the paaaaaartay) although WAA seem to be trying to buck that trend, maybe just go see them.

Other stuff, but it's critical, and you don't need that, it's me, not you---maybe we should break up, try having our own space?
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bsbalIa09 posted...
MK_Kitana posted...
XxarwaxX posted...
I finished the game twice ;)
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ok, it's maybe late :p but I only want to game with a team... are there people who like to participate? the name doesn't matter but I have a clan on a other game with the name BestBro so I tough I take the same ;p