[W.44] Clan Practice!

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User Info: SourGrapey24

3 years ago#1
Remember, [W.44] Clan Practice tomorrow! Contact me if you need more details!
[W.44]SOURG. FC: 5097-9937-4117 [W.44] Clan Website: http://w44goldeneye007.webs.com/

User Info: TurtlesFC_alt

3 years ago#2
Today for me ;)
Turtles ~ Co-leader of [W.44] - [W.44]Father ~ Members of: [G6], [CP], [YT], Le Duc ~ YT --> http:/www.youtube.com/user/turtlesfcge

User Info: ProRocksYTUBE

3 years ago#3
And me :P
PRO*ENCORE/ Judgement ~120191200032~ No homage for you my Sir!

User Info: bsbalIa09

3 years ago#4
I played against you yesterday. "TestNewSttng".
-TET-bsballa09 [Chief Troll Assistant]
PSN: bsballa09 tetclam.enjim.con NNID: bsballa09
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