RMF! Robot Master Friday, August 2nd

#100McQueenPosted 7/29/2013 3:49:56 PM
That's right, kids: the Mega Man Clan is rising once more. Enough with the alt clans: let's stick with the classics. And what's more classic than RMF?

To my Robot Master Brethren (and Sisthren), I give you those famous old words:

Equip your weapons for an all out robo-brawl. We play games with some very interesting and unique rules such as melee only, pistols only, hide and seek, and our own patented American Gladiator matches. Come to the chat so you can get all the rules...

This week, what say we throw a little game of Keep Away into the mix?

The object is simple: come away from a game of Golden Gun with "the Man With the Golden Gun" accolade.

The catch? You can't fire the gun.

In fact, you can't fire any guns. Neither can your opponents. But they CAN punch. And as long as you have the gun, you can't hit back. Run for your life, and try to keep the Golden Gun for as long as you can. It should be a hectic good time.

But don't worry: we'll have all your old favorites.

Who's in?
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Astro Man's dusting off his rusted name-tag.

This is Astro Man, reporting for duty.
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Shadow Man will try to make it there, and therefore so should everyone else. Yeah, that's how big my ego is.
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FalconPunch245 posted...
Shadow Man will try to make it there, and therefore so should everyone else. Yeah, that's how big my ego is.

Shads, it's a wonder your head fits through the door some days lol
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Im Gyro Man.
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Reschedule to a day I'm free
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I'll see you there... hopefully.
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